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Origins in Music


150+ Weddings and Corporate Events

1000+ Live Music events at private parties, concerts, wineries, Music Venues etc.


60s/70s/80s/90s, Classic Rock, Original Compositions, Live Looping


 Live looping is the recording and playback of a piece of music in real-time using dedicated hardware devices, called loopers. Musicians can loop with either laptop software or loop pedals, which are sold for tabletop and floor-based use.

Its a way to compose in real time, or “near real time” since the loops are recorded seconds or minutes before they are heard. For listeners who are used to electric music, the most interesting aspect of Live Looping might not be the way the music is built, but the sounds and instruments used. Musicians who choose Live Looping by definition have one feeling in common: Music works better when played live.


Music means so much to me and has been an integral part of my entire life. And for the past 6 years has been the primary way I make my living! I am thrilled that I get to share that passion with others in my never ending pursuit of musical excellence and watching others experience the amazing things that music can add to any event! 

I have over a decade of experience as a live musician and singer/songwriter and 4 years as a professional Weddings & Events DJ. I perform multiple times each week around the Portland metro area and  Southwest Washington. I’m happy to say that since my first performance as a musician, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and gain invaluable experience. Feel free to contact me regarding my rates and available dates!

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